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About Our Laboratory
This high service laboratory is famous for its rapid turn-around time on most analyses. Providing a full range of analytical services that include Proximate Analyses, Physical Dough Testing, Bake Testing and Product Evaluation, Grain and Flour Analyses, Physical Tests, Mycotoxins, Pesticide Residues, Microbiology, Shelf-Life Studies, Vitamins and Minerals and Nutritional Labeling makes Great Plains Analytical  a "one stop shop" for quality testing.

The Crop Quality Survey
The Crop Quality Survey performed by Great Plains Laboratory Services is the only one of its kind in the United States. Field personnel follow each wheat harvest, picking up samples across 20 states, and ship them to our Kansas City lab where they are analyzed and the results published daily on our website. Thousands of tests are performed on both the wheat and the flour to evaluate the quality of the four classes of wheat across the US. This subscription based survey provides invaluable information on domestic crop quality to virtually any flour or grain user worldwide, be they grain buyers, flour millers, bakers, or tortillerias. No other report has such a refined and detailed knowledge of the wheat crop quality in all of these geographical areas. See our article that appeared in Cereal Food World.

We Listen and Collaborate
Founded in response to a need for the industry to have a high level of service, response time and expertise, Great Plains is staffed by experienced cereal chemists, microbiologists and technical personnel familiar with the food industry in general and the flour and grain industry in particular. The Laboratory always functions at a high level of precision, accuracy and professionalism. With over two hundred and fifty years of combined experience in the milling, baking and cereal chemistry fields, our staff is the ultimate resource for practical answers to your questions.


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